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How To Unlock iPhone 5: Expert Directions

Earn Your Freedom Back through Unlocking iPhone 5S / 5C

Apple has been able to consistently raise the bar time and time again when it comes to providing some of the very best forms of technology currently available throughout the world, especially unlock iPhone 5s or iPhone 5C unlocked devices. They have continuously been able to raise the bar of expectation with every single release that they have made into the world of technology since the late 1980s. Even though there have been many other brands and manufacturers that have been able to come rather close when it comes to matching their overall efficiency, quality and performance, Apple has been able to reign supreme time and time again by unlocking an iPhone 5S.

Can You Unlock iPhone 5S / 5C

unlock iphone 5s at&tThere have been so many reports, reviews, ratings and testimonials that have been released over the years by customers and critics alike that have all had the common trend of praising Apple for all of their success and for being able to maintain a consistent track record and high quality reputation that proves that they are capable of releasing nothing but the best when it comes to any type of technology that they have associated their brand with over time. Whenever the average consumer sees the famous logo of the bitten apple, they can rest assured in knowing that they are working with one of the very best brands that are currently available on the market.

Regardless of whether you are working with a Mac Pro desktop, a MacBook Pro laptop, iPod or iPad, you will more than likely be able to experience top-notch quality and efficiency right away that will blow your mind and make you feel as if you will never need to invest in any other brand for your technology needs in the near or distant future. However, there is one major downside to Apple products that has actually driven away a substantial number of customers away in the past. What is this negative downside?

The Dreaded Commitment of Locking

There are so many different great features that can be explored and experienced simply by owning an iPhone 5, one of Apple’s highest-selling mobile devices that are still currently available in today’s market. That is one of the main reasons why the iPhone 5 is featured towards the top of the list of the most popular, high-selling smartphones in the world today among such other names from competing brands as the Google Nexus and the Samsung Galaxy S series. However, there is one downside that seems to affect the vast majority of smartphones, including the Apple iPhone 5. It is the dreaded commitment of locking that is required through the vast majority of mobile service providers.

Verizon and AT&T are two of the most popular brands that sell the iPhone 5. Even though the iPhone 5 was originally released and made available through AT&T, Verizon quickly took full advantage of this profitable opportunity and mobile device goldmine by joining the race quickly behind them. After Verizon took that first step, there were quite a few other providers that decided to join in as well and eventually started selling the iPhone 5C to their own customers as well.

Identifying the Stamp of the Service Provider

The problem is that each of these providers makes sure that they put their own stamp on the iPhone 5 devices that they sell to their customers. Does this mean that there is some sort of label that is affixed to the actual device that can never be removed? No. The iPhone 5 design remains the same across the board, regardless of the actual service provider. In most cases, the logo of the service provider is only featured once you turn on the phone and see their brand appear within the interface display. This dreaded locking comes from within the device itself, because the service provider wants to make sure that their consumers are not able to easily take their iPhone 5s to a different service provider. Once you have purchased an iPhone 5C through Verizon, for example, that iPhone is locked to Verizon services.

You cannot easily take your Verizon phone to an AT&T store and have the service switched over right away onto the same device. In these cases, you will be advised to purchase a brand new phone – which can range between $200 and $500 for phones that are attached to service contracts. However, there is something that you can do in order to free yourself from this dreaded commitment. The solution is found through making the decision to unlock your iPhone 5.

Earn Your Freedom Back

Many people seem to be so scared of making the decision to unlock iPhone 5 simply because of the fact that it is working against the grain and fighting against the current that seems to be carrying away the vast majority of other consumers. Many people do not even know that unlocking their iPhone 5 is even possible in the first place. This is primarily because your service provider does not want you to ever know that such an option even exists, especially since this means that they will no longer be able to keep you locked in to using their service with what they consider as being their device.

Once you have made the decision to unlock your iPhone 5, you will quickly notice an almost immediate change that was not there before. What is the change? You will have a sense of freedom that you would not have had beforehand. You will no longer be tied down to one specific carrier when it comes to using your device. You can very well make the choice to take your iPhone 5 from Carrier A to Carrier B with very little complications and difficulties, if any. By unlocking your iPhone 5, you will be able to have full ownership over your device and use anyone’s service.

The Bottom Line

There are some risks involved when it comes to activating services on unlocked iPhone 5s, especially if you were originally tied down into a service contract. However, the benefits of having your freedom back can easily outweigh any downsides and complications that you face by doing so.

Unlock iPhone 5: Top Reasons To Do It

Owning an iPhone 5 is just about the bee’s knees for anyone these days. With the numerous amounts of apps and features one can do with it, there is not really much wanting from such a very popular phone. That said, there are lots of people out there that have been going on with a new way to have their iPhone 5 to be used- unlocking. Though some may find the term somehow shady and even dangerous for the phone, it is actually safe and legal to unlock iPhone 5 and other models of the iPhone.

Factory unlocking iPhone 5 does have its advantages:

  • It’s simple. The user only needs to provide the IMEI number printed on the device.
  • It won’t void your Apple Care warranty
  • It will unlock any iPhone model, guaranteed or your money back
  • It provides a permanent unlock for the iPhone 5 by using your IMEI number
  • It doesn’t require you to first jailbreak iPhone 5, as other unwarranted software systems do
  • It GREATLY enhances the resale value of the phone

What the fuss is all about

So just what is an unlocking? It is the giving of the user the freedom to choose cell phone carrier companies by allowing the phone to change sim cards. One may be aware, that in countries like USA, some companies like AT&T has all the rights for iPhones. Because of this, people tend to shy away from getting such phones since sometimes they might not agree with such a carrier’s payment terms. Because of this, to unlock iPhone 5 models and other iPhones may be the best solution for them.

The great reasons why unlocking would be useful

at&t iphone 5 imei unlockingThough many will claim that it is just a waste of time and that it really is not much of a good move for iPhone users, they might want to change their minds after they find out that they could really save up on a lot of expenses if they only decide to unlock iPhone 5 at&t/tmobile/sprint/verizon and its similar models. Here are a few of the greatest perks it could bring:

  • Save lots of money on contracts – When a jailbreak iPhone 5 is in use, an owner could really notice the difference it makes during the whole time just by looking at the expenses for the phone. There would not really be much of a problem for them as they can now choose a cheaper phone plan just by changing sims.
  • Business buddy – Gone will be the days when one needs to go ahead and buy some disposable phone whenever in another country. Back then, people would need other phones since the iPhones would not accept other sim cards due to being locked. With an unlocked iPhone 5, you can simply use it anytime, anywhere on any network like at&t, spring, orange, verizon, O2, Telenor and more! If you are a businessman, it would greatly benefit you to unlock your iPhone 5. Since the iPhone may be your primary phone when dealing with business matters, you would need to have a flexible phone. There may be a time where you’d need to switch networks – doing so is now possible with an unlocked iPhone 5. You don’t need to worry about being left out anymore!
  • Making the iPhone available for “unsupported carriers”- Back then, the iPhone can only be used by certain carriers of any particular country. No one could really use them with other such carriers except the carriers they were contracted to. But with the unlocking feature, you can use your iPhone 5 no matter where you are or where you bought it. You can buy the iPhone in the US and fly all the way to China and STILL be able to use the phone. That is only possible if you unlock your iPhone!

The demand for unlocking an iPhone has soared greatly because people realized that they can truly save more money if they buy an iPhone in a different country with cheaper prices. Now, people sometimes buy iPhones in countries with cheaper prices and then have them shipped to wherever they are. They then proceed to have it unlocked – and voila; the iPhone is now working!

Making it a very great companion
Back then, Apple phones were not really seen as very flexible phones. But with an unlock iPhone 5, minds will change. Why? The answer is quite simple: An unlocked iPhone 5 is very flexible. You can use it in various instances without having to worry about your network carrier. You never know what may happen – especially nowadays where emergency situations are more common.

An unlocked iPhone 5 is a much better device than a locked one. The restrictions of a locked iPhone are just too much. You spend a lot of money on an iPhone and yet you don’t make the most out of it? Unlocking your iPhone 5 is a no-brainer!

Freedom of apps after unlocking it
With the unlocking from a specific carrier, the iPhone can download and install other kinds of apps that were once not available. This goes hand in hand with jailbreaking your iPhone 5. It is not usually a necessary part of unlocking, but it can be done if you want it to.

Reasons To Unlock The iPhone 5/5S/5C

There are a variety of good reasons to want the freedom unlocking iPhone 5 provides. With an open phone, users can:

  1. Test-drive various providers and shop for the best price before settling on one.
  2. Change providers and avoid data fees and roaming charges while overseas. Unlocked phones can accept pre-paid SIM cards that could benefit the budget of international travelers.
  3. Sell the used iPhone 5 with the unlocked status as an added benefit for the buyer
  4. The process has been deemed legal by the U.S. government, which in July 2010 issued new rules permitting unlocking as well as jailbreaking iPhones, provided the process doesn’t break standard copyright law.

No need to worry about much

Though there are lots of people out there that would not really think of unlocking an iPhone 5, it still proves to be one rewarding and satisfying decision to make for such a great phone. You won’t go wrong with having your iPhone 5 unlocked. There are thousands of people around the globe that has already done it and are happy with their decision!

It is an excellent move as an iPhone user. You will be able to maximize the full potential of your phone if you have it unlocked, and better yet, jailbreaked as well. You will realize just how great your iPhone 5 is once you have it unlocked.

So what else are you waiting for? Have it unlocked now and be amazed of what your device is actually capable of after you unlock iPhone 5 from a reputable source such as the one we recommend to our readers!